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What happens if the gift I choose is oversubscribed?

Don't worry, if the Gift of Hope you have chosen is oversubscribed, we'll use your donation to provide similar items or supportive services.

Will you share my contact information with anyone?

Your personal information will be used to process your donation and update you on work of The Salvation Army in accordance with our privacy policy. For these purposes, your information may be shared with trusted third parties and our service providers. We do not share your personal information for marketing purposes, so don't worry about getting any unwanted spam mail.

Can I chose where my gift goes to?

If you would like your Gift of Hope to go to a specific location, please let us know in the 'Special instructions for seller' box on the Shopping Cart tab.

My receipt hasn't come through, where is it?

Please ensure you have entered a valid email address at checkout, as all receipts are sent electronically. If you would like to receive a paper receipt, or you have had any issues, please let us know in the 'Contact Us' section.