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Shelter Rescue Bundle

Shelter Rescue Bundle

  • $500.00

This gift provides both short-term and long-term support to individuals or families struggling to find shelter over winter.

This bundle firstly offers a family or individual with nowhere else to go, safety and shelter in a temporary home while we find them a more permanent housing solution. Having a roof over their heads helps give a family much-needed stability, and means they can start to plan for a better future.

Once a family is safe and secure in temporary accommodation, this bundle then allows for The Salvation Army to provide essential counselling to help them deal with issues they either encountered as a result of their living situation, or that led them to becoming homeless in the first place.

Once donated, this bundle will be provided to real families who has come to the Salvation Army for help in winter - so you know that your gift is directly helping someone in need this winter and beyond.

Please donate a Winter Gift of Hope bundle to The Salvation Army today, and help give hope to those who need it most.

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