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About Gifts of Hope

This Christmas, bring hope
to life for a child like Sarah…

Dear friend,

No child should ever have to sleep under a bridge, or wonder if mum will be able to provide food for them that night.

Yet that’s the tragedy Trish and her young daughter Sarah faced before they came to The Salvation Army. Hurt by life, alone in the world, they had nowhere left to turn.

That’s why I turn to YOU for help now.

Please choose your Christmas Gifts of Hope now to help Kiwis like Trish and Sarah this Christmas.

You see, when life brings you to your knees, the physical hardship can often lead to something far worse - the loss of confidence, the loss of connectedness with others, the loss of self-worth and self-esteem, and eventually the loss of hope for a brighter future.

And at Christmas, when everyone else seems happy, successful and surrounded by family and friends, this sense of loss is amplified. That’s when Christmas can be a killer – a killer of hope.

On this site you'll find 16 different Gifts of Hope – all are simple, practical care that you can give through the Sallies to people like Trish and Sarah. Your Christmas care shows people they’re not alone, that they do matter.

Please donate to the Christmas Appeal today by donating a Gift of Hope, and help bring hope to life for families in desperate need.

And you can be assured that every gift you give through Gifts of Hope goes directly to a family or individual in greatest need at Christmas time.

Your help can bring hope back to life, isn’t that what Christmas is really all about? God bless you.


Robert and Janine Donaldson

Territorial Leaders – New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga