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You can bring Hope to Life this year with a Gift of Hope

When Trish and her young daughter Sarah first came to The Salvation Army for help, they’d just slept under a bridge the previous night. Mum and daughter were cold, hungry and dejected. That Christmas they faced the situation of being added to the growing number of Kiwi families who fall into severe poverty.

Thanks to your support, the Sallies were able to provide a package of practical assistance such as temporary housing, food, budgeting and parenting help. And the greatest gift of all they received, was of hope for a brighter future.

This year The Salvation Army will be called upon to give care to more than 120,000 people in need, providing vital support ranging from food parcels to counselling, accommodation and advocacy.

You can care for people like Trish and Sarah this year. Please support our Christmas Appeal so that you can bring hope to life for people in need.

Please donate a Gift of Hope to The Salvation Army today and help bring hope to life for people in need. Thank you.