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About this Appeal

Our School year has already begun—for most of our children with positive anticipation.

Going to school should be positive...but for someone like Ellie it is another opportunity to be reminded that she is different.

She doesn't have the stationery, uniform, lunch or learning device and is constantly aware that she is not like the rest of her class. 

The effects of poverty shape how you view, experience and connect with those around you. And for a child from a family that are struggling to provide the basics and are in material hardship, they risk being left behind. A children like Ellie, because of their circumstances face a future that is negatively impacted and they will be denied reaching their full potential.

It takes a lot of courage to come to The Salvation Army to ask for help. When people do, they are usually at crisis point and looking for immediate practical relief with food, clothing or back to school assistance. But that is just the beginning of the longer term wrap around support the Sallies provide—working alongside these families.

Whatever your contribution, it will be important in a child's life and it is no exaggeration to say that it will be life-changing.

Your gift will be giving hope, confidence, encouragement, and a source of dreams about a better future.

I'm sure you'll agree that we simply can't let so many of our Kiwi kids fall through the cracks. Together we can give children like Ellie the tools they need to make the most of their education and have a bright future.

When New Zealanders need us, we need you. 

It’s as easy as making a donation towards one or more items in our Sallies Gifts of Hope for our Back to School Appeal:

Your gift of $25 can supply a child with a week’s worth of school lunches helping them concentrate in class.

A gift of $40 can buy school stationery and essentials, giving a child everything they need to start their school year positively including books, school bag, lunch box and more.

$40 provides early learning support, helping a struggling family to get their child into an early learning environment so they can start off on the right foot.

$75 will give vital social support to a child and their family, providing them with a social worker and counselling care to assisit with their mental wellbeing and growth.

A gift of $120 helps towards the cost of supplying a child with a learning device so they can keep up at school.

And for $130 you can provide a school uniform and shoes for the new school year.

Or if you were able to provide a total School Pack for $430, that would be a life-changing and exciting new chapter in their life.

Please donate a Gift of Hope to The Salvation Army Back to School Appeal today. Together we can give a helping hand to our disadvantaged children who one day will be our future citizens. Thank you.