About this Christmas Appeal

For too many New Zealanders, the only gift they want this Christmas is ‘hope’.  Hope to regain stability; hope for the future.

Most of us know someone who has been hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are many others behind closed doors. They may be in your street, your neighbourhood, without you knowing it.

Families who previously felt secure, now find themselves in dire situations—financially, emotionally, and mentally.

What used to be taken for granted may now be out of reach. And the Christmas spirit, the gifts, the celebration, and the special meal of last year won’t be a reality this year.

We anticipate that the need this Christmas will extend far beyond the traditional ‘Twelve Days’. With many families continuing to need critical support for recovery, for up to a year in the future.

So please, find it in your hearts to open a special door this Christmas. Selecting a ‘gift of hope’ opens the door to our wrap around services and gives hope to families, many of which have never experienced this situation in their lives before.

Which door will you open today?