About the Winter Appeal

  • Around a third of Kiwi homes are too cold over the Winter, leading to serious health implications, especially for the old and young.
  • 46% of people live in homes that are damp and mouldy. Of those 46%, 57% also reported health related issues as a result of their poor living conditions.
  • Research shows that those who live in poor housing conditions are more likely to have issues with their physical, and mental health.
  • 36% reported that cost is the biggest hurdle to addressing healthy home issues.
  • Nearly half of New Zealand children are sleeping in bedrooms that are too cold.
  • 30,000 children are hospitalised every year for Winter-related illness, including asthma, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

For some, winter can exacerbate existing problems, like financial insecurity, unhealthy homes, mental distress, and addiction.

This was the case for Deroy, who, after reaching rock bottom, received the opportunity to enter The Salvation Army’s Bridge programme, to beat his struggle with addiction. Deroy was celebrating 8 months of sobriety when his two youngest children suddenly came back into his care.

Because of donations from people like you, Deroy and his two children were able to move into a transitional housing unit, before finding their forever home. After being wrapped up in even more of our wraparound services, like financial mentoring, as well as practical aid, Deroy and his children are flourishing.

You can help even more families like Deroy’s by gifting our wraparound services. Your kindness may be needed to meet a temporary emergency, but it’s more likely to pave the road to permanent change in someone’s life.

About the Winter Appeal