About the Christmas Appeal

How you can help

It’s safe to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us many lessons.

One of the most significant is the importance of having hope.

And as many of us still face the uncertainty of restrictions, we also have re-found the importance of family and friends. More than ever caring for one another is part of who we are at The Salvation Army.

For individuals and families on the edge of despair, hope is a small word, but it means a lot.

Your actions like donating to The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal shows those in need that ‘someone’ in New Zealand cares about them. You give them the opportunity to use our wraparound services and get their lives back on track. Long-term help, rebuilds lives.

Your donation is a ‘Gift of Hope’.

We depend on donations from good and generous New Zealanders who are blessed with enough to share. If you’re one of these fortunate people, please share your blessings this Christmas.

This year, perhaps more than ever… a little hope really does go a long way.