About the Back to School Appeal 2022

School in 2022 is going to be different. Following a year of disruptions, online learning, reduced interactions with classmates; for many this new school year is daunting.

Add financial strains some families are feeling; increased living costs or pressures at work due to Covid, the stresses for families and children are heightened.

This summer, returning to school can be positive, thanks to support from generous people like you. You can help set a young person on the right path, so they get the most from their education. You can give them opportunities, to develop, socialise, gain NCEA qualifications. You can affect their future, hopes and dreams.

When Martha received support at the start of the school year, she stayed on track with her budgeting plan. She sent her grandkids to school knowing they had everything to thrive.

If you would like to make a meaningful difference to families like Martha’s, please support this Back to School Appeal.

Recent reports show...

Income poverty affects approximately 319,000 children (27.9% of children).*

1 in 5 children don't always have enough food due to lack of money.*

11.3% of children (almost 130,00 children) experience material hardship, meaning they do without 6 or more essential items due to the cost.

3 out of 5 students in high deprivation areas don't regularly attend school.*

Young people who achieve NCEA Level 2 can expect to earn twice as much as those who do not have any qualifications.*

'Poverty and disadvantage can also pose a barrier to regular school attendance. Some children and young people may stay at home to look after younger siblings while parents and caregivers work, or work themselves to supplement family incomes. Others face particular challenges to maintaing regular attendance due to insecure housing and regular moving to different areas, and illnesses associated with disadvantage... Lack of money to pay for school uniforms, period products, PE gear, lunches, devices, or travel to school can also make regular attendance a challenge'.**

If you would like to donate a Gift of Hope for the Back to School Appeal, please click the button below:


* The Child Poverty Monitor 2021: Technical Report ( National Report) uses figures from2020. nzchildren.co.nz  childpoverty.org.nz

** Child Poverty Related Indicators Report, May 2021 childyouthwellbeing.govt.nz