About the Winter Appeal 2022

 The current environment can make winter tough for many. 

  • ‘Suppliers [are] phasing out low-use power plans, gas companies [are] being given the green light to charge more, and the actual cost of power and gas is rising.’1
  • More than 30% of renters report dampness and mould in their homes.2
  • ‘Mental health and money are often linked. Together they can form a vicious cycle, with poor mental health making money management harder and poor money management making your mental health worse.’3
  • In 2021, there was a drop off in school attendance nationally in the winter months. In Term 1 of the school year, 68.5% of students had regular attendance nationally, while in Term 2 it dropped to 59.7%.4
  • Findings from a Westpac customer survey showed the majority of people felt they could cope with high inflation, but nearly a third feared they would not be able to cope.5

For some, winter highlights existing problems, and housing concerns become more worrying.

This was the case for Darren's family. (Darren is pictured below). 


Darren was a skilled self-employed painter until Covid halted his business and his landlord sold his home. Transitional housing, budgeting advice, and food support provided the wind beneath Darren’s wings to help him back on to his feet in a time of need.

Winter brings rising cost pressures for everyone, and we are seeing more people accessing our services for the first time. The Salvation Army wraparound services will warm the hearts of those needing support this winter, bringing about positive outcomes, like the hope given to Darren, Miriana, and their children.

Even though times are still tough for many of us, each kind gift of hope will help warm hearts and give relief to other families in distress this winter.

    If you would like to donate a Gift of Hope for the Winter Appeal, please click the button below:

    Give a Gift of Hope

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