About the Back to School Appeal

 This year, the Back to School rush is more stressful than ever, with more people needing help and support.

The latest Child Poverty Monitor 2020 report* highlights the real need many Kiwi kids are facing:

Approximately 235,000 children are living under the income poverty line—21% of children. 

Approximately 150,000 children are living in material hardship—13% of children.

51% of families with children experienced an economic shock due to someone in the household losing their job or some income due to Covid-19.

During lockdown, 26% of children did not have access to sufficient data, and 37% did not have their own device. Both hinder online access.

21% of students in schools with the highest deprivation left without achieving an NCEA qualification, compared to 4% in the most affluent schools.

They are not statistical numbers—they are our nation’s living children, our next generation—New Zealand’s future.

Some live without enough food of any kind, never mind proper nourishing meals to support growth, health, and the ability to learn.

There are those for whom going to school is a nightmare of shame knowing that they’re ‘different’—with no proper uniform or decent shoes; no lunchbox carrying something to eat; no basic stationery essential for lessons.

Education is a significant key to unlocking the restraints of poverty. It’s essential to our nation that every child goes to school on an equal footing to learn and to grow, and to become successful.

That's why this year, we are not only asking for Back to School essentials, but for the ability to provide wrap around services that will encompass a child's whole life.

If you would like to see an example of how these wrap around services can change someone's life, you can find Janice and her mokopunas story here.

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